Amcho Bastar Bazaar – Bastar Handicrafts and Food Products

When we are talking about Bastar, one cannot escape from the Bastar Handicrafts and the Food Products available here. And what if we get them under one roof. Yes, Amcho Bastar Bazar is the place where you can get all of these under one roof. Here you can buy different varieties of Pickles, Bastar Handicrafts or also known as Bastar Tribal Arts, Paintings etc

Adivasis have a different lifestyle compared to others and they have a rich legacy of arts and crafts –be it music, dance, ornamentation or handicrafts. Their arts are inspired by the natural themes, motifs, and materials. They have separate music instruments made of bamboo and wood.  There are a variety of tribal arts belonging to various communities and the major one among them are Bell Metal, Jute, Dhokra, Wooden Handicrafts.

Amcho Bastar Bazaar is managed by Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, It is located new Shahid Park, Jagdalpur.