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We are professional in the field of Career Counseling for every individual.

We are the only organisation to deliver the service in the sector of Career Counseling in an unique scientifically based method DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)

Our analysis is done by the uniqueness of every individuals finger print analysis.

In this process, every individuals all the 10 finger prints are scanned by the help of bio-metric scanner and analysed by our doctors at our lab and finally report is generated in the span of 3 to 7 days.

Then the individuals analysis report is counselled by our trained and experienced counselor to the individual personally or together with their Parent or Guardian.

This method is getting popular in Education sector to avoid wrong selection of subjects, career, finding one’s inborn talents, potential, learning style, knowing IQ,EQ,CQ and AQ, personality, Strengths and weakness to improve.

Research has recommended to facilitate this method and concept to maximise the use in every individual and to implement the system in every school/colleges/institutions/HR dept to get utmost result from every individual as per his talents.

We are leading in this sector with all most 95% accuracy in the analysis report and more than 15000+ happy parents or individuals.

Brain Link Info Services Jagdalpur, Brain Link Info Services Jagdalpur, Brain Link Info Services Jagdalpur

SepcializationProfessional Career Counseling
Contact PersonV Shivkumar Nair
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