City Attractions

The key attractions in Jagdalpur town are Danteshwari Temple, Bastar Palace, Handicraft shopping complexes, , Anthropological Museum and a couple of beautiful lakes.

Chitrakot Waterfall

Chitrakot Waterfall is supposed to be the Niagara Falls of India. It is the broadest water fall in India. During Monsoon one can see its might. The River Indravati falls from a height of 29 m (96 ft) to form this waterfall. It is located 48 km (30 mi) from Jagdalpur and is accessible by road only. There is a helipad but it is used by Government only. A few small hotels and restaurants are located near the falls.

Danteshwari Temple

It is an ancient temple built by the kings of Bastar for inhabiting there family Goddess, Devi Danteshwari. Devi Danteshwari is the Goddess of entire Bastar division, equally worshipped by Hindus as well as tribals. This temple is located beside Bastar palace and near to Gole Bazar. It is worth seeing and pleasant to watch the temple during the famous Bustar Dusshera festival season, decorated in color lights and lambs, where the main traditional functions of the festivals are being carried out.

Bastar Palace

It is another historical remain that is seen in Jagdalpur. It was the head quarters of Bastar Kigdom. It was built by the rulers of Bastar State when the capital of Bastar kingdom had been shifted from Barsur to Jagdalpur. At present this is keeping as a monument by the government.

Anthropological Museum

This Museum is located in the office of the Anthropological Survey of India situated at Dharampura. It provides a perfect window-view of the life-styles of various adivasi tribes in Bastar to a tourist hard-pressed for time.


The prominent river of Bastar district- Indravati, passes through Jagdalpur. There are two lakes namely Ganga Munda and Dalpat Sagar with in the boundary of Jagdalpur town. These lakes will be a great attraction for tourists coming to Bastar in the future.


Various kinds of exotic handicrafts made by the skilled hands of Bastar tribals are available in shops which are concentrated at Kumharapara, Jagdalpur. These include wooden crafts, bamboo crafts, terracota, bell metal items, wrought iron items and cotton fabrics( Kosa sari etc). Bastar , being a district full of forest, containing finest quality of teak and other types of woods from which very attractive wooden- carving crafts and various types of furniture are being made by the skilled and experienced hands of the tribals.Many such items are today made and kept for sale in shops at Jagdalpur which attracts locals as well as tourists.

Kailash and Kotumsar Caves

Kailash and Kotumsar Caves are the caves which are about 2 km (1 mi) deep. They are situated at a distance of about 40 km (25 mi) from Jagdalpur. There is lack of oxygen when going deep into the cave. So, they have been restricted to a fixed point.

Tiratgarh Waterfalls

Tiratgarh Waterfalls are situated at a distance of 35 km. from Jagdalpur in south west direction and can be approached through the state highway of Jagdalpur to Sukma. The waterfall is actually situated in Kanger Valley National Park and the height is approximately 300 ft in stages. This place is a favorite picnic spot, especially for large groups looking for a day-long picnic in a forest. The good season for visiting these waterfalls is from October to February.

Kanger Valley National Park

The park is Paradise for the nature lovers. The Moist Peninsular valley Sal forests and the South Indian Tropical Moist Deciduous forests are seen in their finest form here.The park is situated in a transitionzone where southern limit of sal forests and northern limit of teak forests overlap.Hence both sal and teak are seen together in this valley.

The valley is infact one of the last pockets of almost virgin forests still left in the Peninsular region.To protect this unique eco-system ,it has been proposed as a Biosphere Reserve under the MAB Programme.The valley is nearly 34 kms. long with average width of about 6 kms.The terrain is hilly mostly.

The Park fauna consists of tiger ,panther wildcat, cheetal,samber,barking deer,wild pig,jackal,langur,rhesus macaque,sloth bear,flying squirrel, python,hyena,rabbit,crocodile,otter,and civet.The avian fauna includes birds of prey ,scavenging birds, waterbirds, pheasants etc.The reptiles include snakes, lizards and the insects include butterflies,moths.dragonflies,grasshoppers etc.Lower forms of plants such as fungi,algae,bryophytes and pteridophytes are also quite common.All these put together with the virgin forests make the park a unique ecosystem.

The Park derives its name from the Kanger river which flows throughout its length .There are many scenic spots along this perennial stream.Rather bigger tourist attraction are the Kotamsar Caves, Kailash Caves, limestone Caves etc.The gorgeous waterfall Tirthgarh is also here.

Kanger Dhara and Bhaimsa Dharha are two good picnic resorts and especially Bhaimsa Dharha is a crocodile park.

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

The Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Jagdalpur is a result of dedicated, loving and tireless efforts of members of Andhra Association. The temple reaches out to serve spiritual, cultural and social dimensions of the society. The construction of the Balaji temple in Jagdalpur has been a dream come true to many of the devotees who can now have a hassle free darshan of the Lord nearer home. Every day devotees throng this sacred shrine of Lord Balaji also known as Sri Venkateswara Swamy, the all-pervading Lord of the Universe.

Other Places Of Attraction

There are a chain of waterfalls and many other tourist places in Bastar. The MANDAWA waterfalls is located 12 km away from Tokapal of Jagdalpur Tehsil. It is also a natural place of tourism. Another waterfall in Bastar district is CHITRADHARA, which is just 19 km away from Jagdalpur and is in Potanar village of Lohandiguda block of Jagdalpur Tehsil. THAMADA GHUMAR water fall is another recently discovered waterfall which is also in Lohandiguda block. Its height is more than 100 feet and is generally formed from the water in rainy season. There are green fields on both sides of this waterfall. Indravati National Park situated in Narainpur Tehsil is famous for tigers and wild buffaloes. It is situated 200 km. west of Jagdalpur. Also about 40 km. north west of Narainpur is the virgin Kurschel Valley, with its gigantic trees.

The key attractions in Jagdalpur town are Danteshwari Temple, Bastar Palace, Handicraft shopping complexes. explore all


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